Lumbosacral Plexus And Its Branches

Sciatic Nerve Block. Minimal monitoring should include continuous regulation of blood pressure, ECG, and level of consciousness. If the patient receives any sedative or narcotic medications during the block, a pulse oximeter should be used. A peripheral nerve stimulator can greatly enhance the success rate of a sciatic nerve block by helping to avoid significant patient discomfort. The extent of the block can be assessed by examining motor function, which is primarily governed by a somatic nerve.

Head and Neck Blocks. A functioning IV catheter should be inserted before the block is performed, and resuscitation facilities must be available if a seizure should occur.123 Blood pressure, ECG, respiratory rate, and level of consciousness should be continuously monitored throughout the block and during the recovery period. If IV sedatives or narcotics are used, pulse oximetry should be employed.

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