Defeating Diabetes Review

Defeating Diabetes

About the author, Yuri Elkaim:

He is a nutrition expert that has a great deal of experience in the field of diabetics and research. He has uncovered and tested with his own private clients the methods that he preaches. He is a New York Times bestselling author. He was hosted to discuss major issues in the widely known show The Doctors. So he is definitely a trustworthy nutritionist who stands behind his craft confidently. His experience of over 15 years allowed him to deal with over 500 000 cases and become a renowned nutritionist and dietitian. He graduated from one of the top universities in the world and he has helped his own father overcome his health difficulties that came with age. He made it a goal to get his father back to his healthy state after his health has started to deteriorate over the years and he was very successful in doing that. His expertise on the matter shows to the world that he knows what he talking about as he provides evidence of referrals from hundreds of people who were satisfied with the service he offered that saved the lives of many people.

About the "defeating diabetes kit" :

This product contains a series of valuable information from a worldwide known bestselling author in his quest for helping people defeat diabetes. It is a product made for people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, people who have already informed that they are pre-diabetic or if you have someone you care about who can diabetes.

The product is a series of book with precious information gathered up from many credible sources and university studies on humans to find a cure for diabetes. This product will reverse your diabetes if you follow the right steps. It will stop diabetes for good since it has the right step by step formula in lifestyle changes and an unknown component called super starch that will supercharge your way to defeating diabetes for good and stopping in its tracks.

Defeating diabetes kit is a completely safe product that can save you from the dreadful awful dangerous side effects caused by diabetes such as eye issues, kidney deterioration, leg nerve difficulties, and serious heart problems. More importantly, this product is safer than any diabetic drug on the market ever.

The kit will also prevent your kidneys from failing and deteriorating which is caused by diabetes since kidney disease is highly related to blood sugar levels and vitamin D. We are all one big entity, when one small part falls, the other follows, that is why we must take care of our bodies and the most effective and safe way to do that if you have diabetes, is to purchase this series of books that will give you a great set of information which only you will have the access to; these pieces of information are basically the accumulation of hard work of scientists, dietarians and doctors through long hours of experiments.

By having access to this kit, you will be able to know what this white super starch. The super starch, also known as the resistant starch, is going to improve your blood sugar levels, help with insulin insensitivity for cells to suck all the important macro and micronutrients to use, and even use the excess sugar level for energy expenditure.

In addition to that, this super starch will fill you up and suppress your hunger so you do not even go to eat these harmful sugars in the first place. So by eating this super starch, you will be able to stop cravings and avoid a large portion of the problem in the first place. By merely taking a dose as small as 5 grams in a high glycemic index food such as muffins, you will be able to see a dramatic positive difference in your blood sugar levels and suppress your hunger as seen with overweight subjects in a recent study.

This super starch does not require any needles, expensive medications or expensive doctor appointments only to be told “you need to have more control over what you eat”. Plus, a recent study also points out that the super starch was found to be much more effective and a thousand times safer. As mentioned in a 2008 study, some of the most mainstream widely known diabetes drugs were found to cause cancer in the long run, cause a massive weight gain which causes the subjects to eat more so they can maintain the high levels of blood sugars they have. This issues as mentioned does not even help the individuals with diabetes, it sabotages their quest and journey to a better healthier life free of excess weight gain and diabetes. It will offer:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity 
  • lowered blood sugar levels
  • reduced appetite
  • greater fat loss
  • half of the normal starch calories
  • gut bacteria friendly
  • No needles or expensive appointments with doctors

Therefore, if you want a happier life where you can do activities like other people and have fun without worrying about your blood sugar levels, this product is definitely for you. You can purchase the book series and get to work on your health right the moment.

This white super starch powder will act like a fiber soluble which is going to have a resistance effect in your digestion system. On another note, this super starch will aid in your good gut bacteria to speed up your metabolism for the whole body to function better. As digestion is the simple function that processes food for your entire body to feed it with whatever needs were given.

The product comes in a ‘defeating diabetes kit’ which is a series of book with special handpicked information to apply simple modifications in your daily life for you to be on your way in a life free of diabetes and spiked up blood sugar levels. It contains five valuable books that each help in a specific area of your life. It includes the first book “The super starch solution” which has all the information you need to know about in the super starch, it gives away the 4 foods with the super starch, how to prepare them for maximum productivity and health, how to increase the super starch in them, and a simple white super starch powder. You would only need a teaspoon of this white starch and you will see a major difference.

The second book is How to Eat to Beat Diabetes and it shows you exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to help your insulin levels. It also contains amazing diabetes-friendly recipes to cook at home with easy ingredients. In addition to that, it shows you what supplements to take to supercharge your way into a happier healthier life as well as herbs and great information that only you will be able to access.

The third book: 20 delicious recipes contain a lot of recipes and ways to cook your food so you would eat delicious mouth-watering foods without having to eat bland foods with no taste.

Iso-Burn “No Movement” Workout is the fourth book of this series and it offers great instruction tips in working out. An active life is perhaps one of the biggest missing links in diabetic people. This book will give you clear steps on how to workout at home, these workouts do not involve harsh bending or extreme movements that might cause in some injuries or worsen your state. The workout applies techniques done by great athletes to employ in your workouts such as static holds and isometric movements to boost your calorie burn count. It is an intense fat melting workout that is highly effective that works on your entire body and it is only given to private members to Yuri. On another note, the book involves an audio track to follow so you will have a virtual trainer anytime anywhere you desire; even so, you won’t even need to be an Olympic world champion to do these.

Finally, the last book: The All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook,  it contains an astounding 67 recipes that will give you energy all day while maintaining your blood sugar levels to a reasonably healthy rate. The book will also contain valuable information to get you started on your healthy life journey.

All these books are very easily accessed; all the instructions are very clear you won’t even need to have a basic level of knowledge of the internet and computers. You will get the books instantly just be purchasing the kit.

Defeating Diabetes
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