Revive Her Drive Review

Revive Her Drive

Revive Her Drive is a program created by couples Tim and Susan Bratton. The program is meant to rejuvenate your sex life as a couple. With few simple things out there that can be used to increase a woman’s libido, Revive Her Drive offers basic and easy to understand female-friendly advice to help you flatter your lady again.

It is a known fact that women are sensual creatures and them to be noticed, pleasured and given intimacy as much as men do. However, they usually don't express their desires due to stress, societal guilt, worry, insecurity, or any other reason. Revive Her Drive will help by offering you strategies to use to encourage your lady to embrace to enjoy embrace her sexuality and delight in pleasure.

Revive Her Drive will teach you everything you need to know so you can make the woman in your life desire and crave intimacy with you again. The techniques in this book are simple, and if you follow them to the later, she will sure surrender herself to you because you made it safe for her to be a little ‘bad’. You will learn how to evoke a satisfying sensual connection that will lead her falling ‘in lust’ with you like good old days.

About the Author of Revive Her Drive

There is just no way would this have been a wonderful program if it wasn’t designed by couples. Susan and Tim Bratton are the couples behind this product.  They are also husband and wife. These two have deep knowledge of sexuality and couples psychology, having studied the subtleties that involve sexual relationships for a long time. This profound knowledge has enabled them to design this guide so that couples who are having different levels of libidos can resolve their issues. Susan has authored more than 20 relationships books, as well as a serial entrepreneur and award-winning speaker. She was named by Silicon Valley among “Women of Influence” while her company Personal Life Media, INC featured in New York Times and appeared on numerous TV channels including Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Today Show.

Why You Should Trust Revive Her Drive

Although there is countless material online and in physical stores that claim to help get back intimacy in your relationship, there are many differences between Revive Her Drive and the rest of the programs.

  • You can use this program in conjunction with marriage counseling or even instead of. This program is not just a briefing on romance and intimacy; it also focuses on the physical, sensual aspects of your relationship.
  • You can follow the customizable fast-track routine or pick the strategies that work best for you. The program was designed from a variety of viewpoints from hand-picked relationship specialists.
  • Immediate response for her
  • Suitable for busy men as it can be turned into audio so you can listen on the go
  • The program is educational, entertaining, fun, pleasurable –and most importantly, inspiring and motivational.
  • Revive Her Drive is featured in countless channels such as NBC, CNBC, FOX and other digital media like Mashable and The New York Times.

Who is Revive Her Drive For?

This program is designed for men or anyone who is in a relationship with a female partner. It will help you understand perfectly the psychology of your wife and make her want to have and enjoy as much sex as you do. Revive Her Drive is also a great tool if you lack the confidence to talk to your female partner about sex. 

This program is for all those who want to satisfy their wives or girlfriends sexually but have no idea where to start.

Things You Learn in This Program

The program includes many techniques that will help you be confident about what you do. They will teach you how to create a deeper and meaningful relationship with your wife/girlfriend.

There are also communication techniques, knowing what, when, and how to do it.

You can also find in the program 21 turn-offs that you should avoid when you want to have sex with your woman.


  • This program was created by people who have experienced the same relationship cycle. They know how it feels and is telling you what to do from experience.
  • It has been written in a simple, friendly language that anyone can understand and implement the tips.
  • It is readily found online which means you can get it instantly without worrying about shipping and delivery.
  • The tips and advice in this book come from a selected group of relationship experts.
  • Having gone through the same cycle, the authors of this book implemented the same methods and it worked for them perfectly.


The book is only found online in the format of PDF eBook, no hard copies anywhere.


This book is a real deal. It will show you the different methods of making sex more fun. The book includes everything you need to do, when and how to do them. Revive Her Drive is a collection of material that is purposed to make your life much more fun.

Revive Her Drive
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