Speed Training For Hockey

Speed Training For Hockey

Who is the author of the product/ can we trust them?

Speed training for hockey is a 150page book that looks to shed light on speed development for ice-hockey players. It also includes a training guide which is able to help different players who are at different levels of the game. The book is written by Kevin Neelo and Travis Pollen, describing the often misunderstood issues surrounding the need for in hockey. Speed, as they explain, is one of the critical elements needed by players who want to beat their opponents by far. The only disadvantage with this is that there is a need to elaborate on how well to train for speed. The book allows one to journey through the different methods of training that are necessary for a player to be excellent and conversant with their field drills. It also explains that speed training is often mixed with other old-school methods such as those of body-building. It is therefore essential for players and other individuals to learn the differences and the need to have speed in this game.

What is the product about, and what does it necessarily include?

Speed is what every hockey player needs in order for them to beat their opponents in this game. Therefore, splinting is necessary as well as being able to control that kind of speed. The book offers a guideline into the drills such as quick feet frills that the players ought to have in order for them to be able to move freely and score as much as they can. The book is an insight into the reasons why hockey players may become slower even after they engage in speed training mixed with other types such as body-building and feet work. The need to master speed requires significant time. This means that the individual has to ensure that they are very committed and have a schedule that involves the game. The product also includes diet plans that allow an individual to work out in not only a healthy way, but also one that is beneficial to them. This game is one that uses a lot of strength, which means it also requires a lot of energy. Ensuring that the players follow a particular diet routine is essential for their overall performance in the field.

What problems can the product solve?

With the growing number of athletes joining the hockey arena, it quite necessary to clear the air on the misunderstandings regarding speed. While speed is an essential aspect of this game, it should be understood rather than taken for granted. Speed development is an issue that requires a lot of consideration given that it can also be stressing and thus prove to be useless in the long-run. Speed development helps the athletes understand that exposure to injury and lack of proper commitment to the game will render the athlete useless after all. There is a need for them to balance the time they in order to score quite well in the game. With the competition in the sport growing as more athletes tend to join, the need to show commitment and take the game seriously is essential in scoring better. This product, therefore, offers the necessary aid in ensuring that athletes get the required training and one that will best help them.

What is the format of the product, and what do you get?

The product is in the form of a book that can be bought online or physically at a bookstore. The book advocates and sheds light on the so often misunderstood issues behind the speed in the game of hockey. It also offers the guides that are necessary in ensuring that the athlete gets the most out of their training in order to become a sought after athlete. The training guides also help invite athletes from all age groups to the practices of their age groups. This is necessary for ensuring that the individual has the required information even before beginning with the training. Getting the book from either an online store or from a bookstore is necessary for ensuring that one is knowledgeable enough.

What is the product intended for? Is it actionable?

The product is intended to help both the athletes and the general public know why speed is necessary for their gaming life. This should not be misunderstood in any way as it is essential in fulfilling the dream of every athlete out there. This is through allowing them to understand the different forms of training that they need to learn and how each one of them is different from the other and how it helps them. It is actionable as it provides relevant and quite important information to both athletes and the public generally.

Speed Training For Hockey
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