Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a program that gives you a practical, easy-to-follow, natural method of releasing tight hip Flexors. Its aim is to help the user get the desired result within 60 days at 10-15 minutes per day. The hip Flexors is the muscle that helps in the movement of the body. It serves as the engine through which the body moves and controls the balance, your ability to sit, stand, twist etc.

Naturally, they are not meant to be tight. When they become tight, you need a way to make them loosen up. Unlock Your Hip Flexors has been programmed in such a way that it will help you in doing just that.

The plan was not created to be a quick fix. In fact, it will take you close to 60 days to solve this problem and it is hard; yet the easiest as well the only that have been known to successfully help in the loosening of tightened hip flexors. The system requires your full attention, being constant, and your discipline. For the period of its usage, you will be exposed to some types of exercises that will beat what you might have been using.

The methods employed in this book are natural ones that have been proven by many specials. The system comes with bonus E-books- 'Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings'( The Key To A Healthy Back And Perfect Posture) and 'The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Automatically Heal Your Body With The Right Foods).

About the Author: The program was created by Mike Westerdal, a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist, personal trainer, Iron man Magazine contributor and founder of the Internet's longest standing strength site. He created the program after many of the specialists that tested it saw the effect on people. They believed the book will go a long way to help others.

What's Included in 'Unlock Your Hip Flexors'?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is the combination of two parts - A Digital Manual (An Ebook) and Online Videos. They both contain the things you will be reading below. However, the bulk of the information is laden in the book to the extent that you will get a good grasp of what to expect in the video.

The digital manual opened up orienting the readers on the meaning of Hip Flexors. It enlightens them on the fact that the hip Flexors is the engine through which your moves. They control balance, your ability to sit, stand, twist, reach for things, bend, walk, and step on things.

Afterward, you will get to understand the 10 key moves that are needed to loosen your hip Flexors and unlock the hidden power in your body. Then you will be enlightened about the way sitting is one man's biggest problem. No matter how much exercises you engage in if you are one that sits a lot you will be faced with the problems caused by sitting. According to the program you might experience weakness and a lot of other problems through siting.

You will then be pointed to the ways your body respond negatively to sitting. Some of the problems encountered, according to the program, are:

  • Bulging Belly Syndrome: According to the creator, some people are faced with the problem of bulging stomach regardless of the number of exercises they engage themselves in. One information he expounded on was the common myth that budging stomachs are caused by weakness of the abdominal muscles. And he made people know that budging belly is caused by tight psoas, which makes the lower back curve and pushes out the stomach. In a case the psoas works properly, it pulls the abdomen tucking the tummy in and gives you a strong flat stomach.
  • Fat Loss Inhibitor: the program was used to also expound on the fat loss inhibitor. It is believed the body's fight or flight muscle is the psoas and that it is connected to the human's natural survival instinct. In that vein, it instantly tightens in moments of danger to protect you (in a fetal position) or to aid your flight after it had been triggered and fueled by the release of adrenaline.

In that case, the body begins to store fat whenever the psoas has the habit of being tight.  At that point, it sends signals to the body, making you be in constant danger and makes the adrenal glands continually send the flight or fight response to the joint.

At this point, your immune system has a high rate of suffering from a rush of adrenaline and your body will automatically switch in fat storing mode, anticipating of danger.

  • Lack of Sexual Performance: the book went further to explain how sitting can reduce the level of sexual performance. The explanation was that sitting a lot will make the hips become in a forwards thrust position. And the implication of that is that your lower back is being pulled and deprived of the essential blood and circulation through the hips and other places that matter.

Upon further studies, you will be enlightened on the reasons stretching and rolling about with tennis will not be of any help to you because they are generic methods that have never loosen the tightened hips. Instead, they have only made people weaker per time and the reason for this problem is that many of them have not discovered that the problem is buried in the parts this type of exercises cannot focus on. 

Going further you will be taught how to target those hard-to-reach muscles with detailed step-by-step walkthrough videos. Then you will learn about the single most important element of human body posture and why your hips hold the key to peak performance and how the failure of this can be a problem: your performance will be drastically affected whether running, walking or even just standing.

Afterward, you will learn the true impact of your body's “Mighty Muscle” and how it is really affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and you will be surprised to learn how big an impact this has on your everyday life.

Following that, you will learn how your body's natural survival response has been tricked into permanent "danger" mode, and how you can switch it off to see faster fat loss and more energy. The reason for this is something that will seem eccentric but is actually true.

Then, you learn the main causes for your psoas muscle to change the structure, a major danger sign for your body and how any change, however minimal, has an overwhelming impact that ripples across your body causing other muscle groups to compensate.

Going further you will understand the reason you are just as likely to be affected by this problem irrespective of who you are- a regular person or even a training coach. With that, you will see the shocking reason your intense core workouts could be doing more harm than good if you have not loosened your hips first and why doing crunches and sit-ups will have no effect.

 Not only that, you will see the reasons strong legs and glutes are important to your overall health and why you need to prevent too much flexion of your hips; how trauma, injury and stress can build up within your posture and how it will ultimately affect your psychological state.

Additionally, you will learn the reason the "cure" is not simply to stop sitting; instead, you will learn how you need to be more pro-active in targeting the muscles affected to undo the damage from sitting all day.

Going further, you will see the reason the damage is most likely already done and exactly what you need to do to correct those deep-seeded imbalances before the damage becomes permanent. Then, you will learn the reason "comfort" and "support" are the enemies of human natural physiology and how you can work towards your natural posture.

Then, he will show you how tight hips affect your sexual performance through decreased blood flow and circulation and what you can do about it to achieve a great sexual health again. Also, you will see the reason some guys end up with "old-guy butt syndrome" that inevitably leads to hip pain and how to avoid it by loosening the hips.

More so, you will be taught on the two situations you need to be aware of when training your glutes to ensure they are properly activated for maximum athletic performance and how to clear your mind and re-energize your thinking simply through learning how to relax your psoas muscle

Furthermore, you will be taught how to release this tight Flexors yourself. Some of the things you will be trained on will be:

  • PNF Stretching: PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is a technique that allows you to activate a specific muscle in order to relax the muscles around a joint so that you can decrease the stiffness around a joint.
  • Dynamic Stretching: Next, you will be able to explore a type of stretching that activates the muscle around a joint. Moving this joint cannot be done at once. You will be trained on how to take it through a full range of motion in a progressive. Doing that will then lead to an increased range of motion around the joint, and improved circulation around.
  • 3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises: With these exercises, you will be targeting the muscle in all planes of movement so the core and abdominal muscles have good activation, endurance and strength in all planes of movement which leads to a decrease in unnecessary damaging stress on joints.
  • Mobility Exercises: In these exercises, you are targeting the joint and doing movements and exercises that help the joint function optimally. This allows a joint to move more freely.
  • Fascia Stretching: In this unique technique, you are targeting the tissue that muscles are surrounded in and working on loosening and lengthening the fascia. Few people understand the negative effect this tissue can have on your body.
  • Muscle Activation Movements: Due to all of your sitting and daily technology use, many of our muscles are not working properly. With this technique, you are targeting those muscles that are off and activate them in order to help the body move more efficiently.

Remember the program is made up of a manual and Videos. The Videos contain the various exercises with an explanation from the creator on the perfect and how to carry out each of the exercises. It is a coaching Instructional Video where the creator takes you in detail through each exercise, so you fully understand the reason you are doing the exercise, the best way to go about it and how it should feel. The second video is a Follow-Along format designed to help you perform the exercises alongside the video without breaking for an explanation.

Also with the program are two bonus packages- 'Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings'( The Key To A Healthy Back And Perfect Posture) and 'The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Automatically Heal Your Body With The Right Foods).

Below, you will find what the books entail.

Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings "The Key To A Healthy Back and Perfect Posture".

There is a need to work your hamstring as individuals. The right way to work on this hamstring requires that you pay a lot of money to a coach to help you with it.

However, there is something you can do for yourself, which takes only a few minutes per day. It a very reliable way that has been known to help improve muscle condition and loosen up those tight hamstrings instantly. In a matter of minutes, you can begin to reverse the damage to the hamstrings and greatly impact how you feel.

This effective routine, the bonus EBook, will not only reduce the likelihood of injury but will also improve performance, correct posture and alleviate pain in the lower back.

BONUS 2 The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet "Automatically Heal Your Body with The Right Foods"

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is designed to bring you all the benefits of looser hip Flexors with greater strength, power and flexibility. But its benefits are multiplied when combined with a holistic diet to naturally alleviate pains, aches, soreness and stiffness by tackling inflammation caused by injury or environmental toxins in our food and water.

Your diet is one of the major causes of inflammatory responses leading to health deteriorating. To prevent this, you can instantly improve your body's response to inflammation by choosing the right foods that work with your body to stimulate your natural healing response.

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a Done-For-You nutrition program featuring diet recommendations, meal plans, shopping lists and supplement tips to help your body automatically heal itself.

In as little as 24 hours, your body will switch on its natural healing process rather than causing pain and inflammation which can lead to many chronic diseases and health problems.

How Beneficial Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

Regardless of how healthy and active you might be when your hip Flexors tighten, they cause a lot of problems for you. Many people are not aware of the problem that can be caused by a Tight Hip Flexors especially on the body and those that are aware of this problem are not targeting the problem. They assume a little stretch exercise will solve the problem but it is a fruitless effort.

The reason the problem over is that everything flows through the hips. The best way to look at the hips is as a form of barometer. The health and flexibility of your hip muscles are indications of the strength and health of your whole body. But the most important part of that barometer is the Psoas.

And to make matter worse, only a handful of doctor can easily diagnose tight hip Flexors because to diagnose it is very tricky. It is buried deep within your abdomen that they find it hard to pinpoint it as the cause of any of the symptom especially when physicians are always looking for simpler methods.

Therefore, getting the opportunity to solve this problem is something that should be grabbed with both hands. Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is a means of doing this. Below, you will find some of the benefits of using it.

  • Defeat Pain: You can use it to eliminate joint and back pain. These nagging joint pain, rather known as arthritis has a way of making you feel extremely uncomfortable. Many people would rather resort to limping, walking with great discomfort. The program, Unlock Your Hip Flexors will help you to resolve this issue
  • Vanquish Locking Up Of Hips: the program is such that will help you stop the problem of locking up of hips, which is caused by tight hip flexors.
  • Maintain A Great Posture: Since great postures are tied to a loosen hip flexors, this program will help correct your wrong posture and even help those that already have a great one by maintaining it.
  • Defeat Belly Fat: Many people have had reasons to battle with the ever bulging belly they have. Some of them have resorted to the use of exercises to curb the excesses of the stomach to no avail. Some have the belief that it is caused by weak abdominal muscles. However, the real cause is the tight psoas muscles, which this program is sure to help you reduce with enjoining you to use any illicit drug.
  • Sleep Comfortably: since weaknesses, belly fats, locking hips will be vanquished, you are sure to enjoy a good night rest.
  • Work And Walk Gallantly: Your hips are the bridge between your upper body and lower body. They are at the center of your body's movement. The program is effective in aiding the movement of the body and is the only muscle in the human body saddled with the work of connecting the upper and the lower part of the body.
  • Defeat Weakness: On a normal occasion, the training and the food you eat should make you strong but the presence of tight hip flexors makes it hard for them to stay strong because they are lurking in a corner of our bodies and doctors also can hardly place a finger on it. Nevertheless, this problem can be resolved through the use of this program.
  • Increase Sexual Energy: a lot of people have lost the desire for sexual performance because of pain in the body but with loosened hip flexors, it can be resolved. One program that helps you target is the 'Unlock Your Hip Flexors' program.
  • You Will Stop Wasting Time: All in the name of getting greater shape, power, strength or even long-term health, a lot of people have engaged themselves in some types of stretches that have not been helping them. Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has been designed in such a way that you do not need any of such time-wasting stretches. More so, you will have to stop the excessively long exercises that will not guarantee the result you will get your desired result.
  • Get Out of Frustration: A lot of people have been left frustrated by trying different unfruitful methods in fighting tight hip Flexors. Some of such had been advised by the so-called YouTube Experts and all other websites on what to do, which are nothing but the wrong advice. Many of them will have you believe it is simply a case of repeating a few static stretches for a period of time to try and lengthen the muscle. Some might go further to suggest that you roll around with a tennis ball stuck to your hip. Yet, these hip flexors are hard to reach and have to be touched with particular types of stretches, which Unlock Your Hip Flexors has been able to resolve.

Most times, instead of producing your desired result, these exercises have brought an unwanted weakness in your Hips but Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created in such a way that you will notice a drastic change with the way the program was paced out for you.

  • A Program That Works: There are a lot of stress, frustrations and disappointments that come with trying programs after programs. This is one thing that happens in the name of loosening tight hip flexors; however, this program has been designed to help you stop worrying about programs after programs. The creator is assured of its work that you are allowed to ask for a refund if nothing happens after 60 days of its usage.

The Format of the Product: The program comes in two digital formats:

  • EBook: You will be privy to a manual that has information
  • Online Video Download

The Cost Of Doing It Yourself

It is a very cheap program that has been created to help you do it yourself. All that will be required of you will be have a wall to rest your back for some of the exercises.


If you feel a need fight off weakness when walking and working, you need to use the Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors
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