Creating a quality IVF lab

Creating a quality IVF lab is neither a simple nor short task. Certainly it is easier to create such a lab when one is starting afresh with a new facility, but most IVF labs don't have that opportunity, they have to rebuild and reorganize what they have - usually while having to maintain services with already limited human resources. Nonetheless, it is a daunting task that many Lab Directors will have to face anywhere that accreditation is pursued, but especially within the European Union as the Tissues and Cells Directive is implemented (

There is no single "right" way of doing this, no cookbook recipe that can be followed to achieve this goal. Each IVF lab will have to develop its own strategic plan in response to its unique combination of circumstances. However, the general principles described in the earlier Chapters of this book will provide the background and framework for doing this, and the techniques and approaches we have described will provide a basic toolkit. But an open mind combined with comprehensive multidisciplinary knowledge are vital pre-requisites for success.

In the final chapter ofthis book we will try and create a "road map" to reach this goal. But first we need to consider some aspects of managing the IVF lab's most precious resource: its people.

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