Other considerations

Apart from these principles of reward and recognition, there are some other factors which should be taken into consideration.

• It is critical that enough lab staff are employed to ensure adequate coverage on the busiest days, and sufficient time off for all staff. It is unreasonable, and a short-term solution at best, to rely on people

Figure 12.3 An organization chart for an "ideal" IVF laboratory showing how the assignment of "special responsibilities" can help create a career structure for the senior embryologists.

being good-natured enough to sacrifice their personal time for the clinic; it will result in resentment and burnout.

• There needs to be good communication to ensure that any looming problems within the team are dealt with promptly and effectively.

• Space and time are important. In an environment of "knowledge workers," there is a need for creative thought, and this is achieved most effectively when there is sufficient time and workspace. It is not reasonable to expect someone to generate good ideas if they are not ableto find the time to think, and if they are not given the appropriate inputs - such as access to journals - and a supportive environment.

Finally, it should be remembered that no matter how great the team, and how supportive the work environment, people will leave. Hopefully, their decision will be due to personal circumstances rather than to dissatisfaction. Therefore, as a Quality initiative, it is important that exit interviews are carried out, to determine why the person is leaving, in case areas for improvement can be identified.

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