Histopathology of Sialosis

The parotid swelling of sialosis is due to acinar enlargement (Figure 6.16). The diameter of the acinar cell tends to increase by two to three times that of normal. The nuclei tend to be basally situated, and the cytoplasm tends to be packed with granules. There is no correlation between the specific clinical type of sialosis and the histologic appearance. Inflammatory cells tend to be absent. The long-standing nature of the underlying disease may ultimately lead to acinar atrophy and replacement with fat (Werning 1991).

Figure 6.16. The histopathology of the incisional parotid biopsy performed on the patient in Figure 6.14. Acinar hypertrophy is noted. The physical, radiographic, and histologic information confirms a diagnosis of achalasia. He was treated accordingly.

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