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Selecting Constraints

Returning to our earlier still-life example, the initial state might have been Morandi's (traditional) orThiebaud's (painterly-Pop) style (images of both artists' painting are easily accessible on Google Images). To replace either, and remain recognizable as still-life, Anonimo's goal criterion could be characterized as exaggeration. (An alternative would be pattern-making. This would be more convincing if the background were also stripped, vertically). This would be why he enlarged the objects, expanded the canvas, painted in primaries. How is simple to surmise select specific elements of existing still-lives (mid-distance, small surface, mixed colors) and their substitutes (close-up, large surface, primary colors).

Materialism Consumption and Mental Health

Modern consciousness is an undifferentiated kaleidoscope of consumer images and choices that must somehow be employed in order to establish a basis for identity and self-evaluation. In the all-consuming society, as it has been termed, the general process of consumption has become for members a way of being themselves, but one that demands constant renewal since consumption-based modes are quickly spent.4 Despite the general formlessness of consumption as a cognitive search engine for meaning and design, it has nonetheless been anointed with prodigious value for its preeminent role in cultural survival. This is so much the case that superfluity and banality have become legitimate components of modern understandings of the self and the world.5

Health status and quality of life as PRO outcomes

For example, authors of a Cochrane review of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for tinnitus included quality of life as an outcome (Martinez-Devesa 2007). Quality of life was assessed in four trials using the Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire, in one trial the Tinnitus Questionnaire, and in one trial the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire. The original sources are cited in the review. Citations to articles on the psychometric properties are also available in MEDLINE for all three instruments and could easily be identified with a search using the Google search engine. Information on the items and the concepts measured are contained in these articles, and review authors were able to compare the content of the instruments.

The Information Revolution

As news stories in the popular press have shown, evidence gathered from the Internet or from personal computers and data storage logs is playing an increasingly important role in investigations and court hearings, particularly in the area of criminal justice and law enforcement. Judges and prosecutors have used defendants' social networking profiles and unflattering photos on those sites in consideration for sentencing. In one case, a college student who seriously injured a woman in a drunk-driving accident was photographed at a Halloween party shortly following the accident, dressed in a prisoner costume and grinning. Someone posted the photographs on Facebook, and a victim of the crash forwarded them to the prosecutor. The judge sentenced the young man to a 2-year prison sentence, noting the defendant's evident lack of remorse or concern in the photos (Tucker 2008). In a recent murder trial, a witness for the prosecution produced digital evidence that the defendant had been...

Leisure rehabilitation

There are many national and local organisations that can advise and assist with leisure activities such as gardening, art, sports, fishing, golfing and holidays. Funding is sometimes available for specialist one-off items. Find out what the patient's previous occupation was, as many jobs have Benevolent Funds. Many organisations can be found via the Stroke Association and Different Strokes websites as well as via the search engines on the Internet. Some are listed below but are not specific to stroke.

Forensic Imperatives

It quickly became apparent that issues of recognition and perception were special problems where faces were concerned, and so these topics needed to be granted greater emphasis if the predictive models for facial morphology, also included in this book, were to be fully understood and appreciated in the forensic context in which they were to be employed. Psychological factors have a crucial role to play in facial recognition and this cannot be overemphasized at a time when automated search engines are being developed to retrieve plausible matches of surveillance images with known persons of interest from 3D databases, to assist investigators and security agencies. Proof of identity is a difficult endeavor, fraught with problems, and needs to be performed rigorously, in a manner enabling audit and review by others (see Yoshino 2004 and Chapter 18 in this volume).

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