Introduction 1

Part I: Overview of Specific Sexual Violations

1 Surviving Sexual Harassment: Coping With, Recognizing, and Preventing Unwanted Sexual Behaviors in the Workplace 7

NiCole T. Buchanan and Zaje A. Harrell

2 Human Trafficking: Not an Isolated Issue 22

Michelle Contreras and Melissa Farley

3 Sexual Assault by Strangers and Nonintimate Associates 37

Kelly Cue Davis

4 Marital Rape and Sexual Violation by Intimate Partners 48

A. Monique Clinton-Sherrod and Jennifer Hardison Walters

5 War and Sexual Violence in the Military 59

Janet C'de Baca

6 Multiple Perpetrator Sexual Assault: Risk Factors, Effects, and Help-Seeking 68

Shaquita Tillman

7 Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: Prevalence, Multicultural Considerations, and Life Span Effects 77 Anneliese A. Singh and April Sikes

Part II: Paths of Recovery

8 Cognitive and Behavioral Treatments for Sexual Violence 91 Diane T. Castillo

9 Rape Crisis Centers: Serving Survivors and Their Communities 112

Jessica Shaw and Rebecca Campbell

10 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for

Sexual Assault 129

Diane Clayton

11 Family Systems and Recovery from Sexual Violence and Trauma 142

Amy Tuttle

12 Feminist Counseling as a Pathway to Recovery 160 Carolyn Zerbe Enns

13 Restoring Relationships: Group Interventions for Survivors of Sexual Traumas 179

Shannon M. Lynch

14 Mind-Body Practices for Recovery from Sexual Trauma 199

Patricia L. Gerbarg and Richard P. Brown

15 An Integration of Narrative Therapy and Positive Psychology with Sexual Abuse Survivors 217

Z. Seda Sahin and Melissa L. McVicker

16 A Psychodynamic Approach to Recovery from Sexual Assault 236

Pratyusha Tummala-Narra

17 Psychoeducation to Reduce Distress and Promote Adaptive Coping among Adult Women Following Sexual Assault 256

Joanne L. Davis, Heidi S. Resnick, and Rachael M. Swopes

18 The Benefits of Self-Defense Training for Sexual

Assault Survivors 276

Leanne R. Brecklin

19 Social Support and Resilience in the Aftermath of Sexual Assault: Suggestions across Life Course, Gender, and

Racial Groups 296

Tamara G. J. Leech and Marci Littlefield

20 Spirituality/Religion as a Healing Pathway for Survivors of

Sexual Violence 318

Sannisha Dale and Jessica Henderson Daniel

21 Writing Your Way to Peace and Power: Empowerment

Journaling as a Pathway to Healing and Growth 328 Shelly P. Harrell

Conclusion 349

General Sexual Violence Recovery Resources 351

Index 355

About the Editor 359

About the Contributors 361

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