Describe the principles of surgical treatment for Scheuermanns kyphosis

Scheuermann's kyphosis is a long-radius kyphotic deformity that may be either flexible or rigid. Adult deformities of sufficient severity to require surgical treatment tend to be rigid.

• Traditional surgical treatment consists of a first-stage anterior approach to release contracted anterior spinal column structures, including the anterior longitudinal ligament, annulus, and intervertebral disc. The disc spaces are filled with nonstructural bone graft. The deformity is corrected with second-stage procedure using posterior segmental spinal instrumentation placed above and below the apex of the kyphotic deformity.

• An alternative approach (Ponte technique) that permits deformity correction through a single-stage posterior surgical approach has evolved. Multilevel interlaminar closing wedge resections are performed over the full length of the deformity and compression forces are applied to the spine via segmental fixation in order to shorten the posterior spinal column and achieve correction of the kyphotic deformity.

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