Describe three methods for classifying TLSOs

TLSOs are prescribed for disorders involving the thoracic and lumbar regions. TLSOs may be classified according to:

1. Method of fabrication: TLSOs may be prefabricated (e.g. cruciform anterior spinal hyperextension [CASH] brace, Jewett brace), custom-molded to the body contours of the individual patient (custom TLSO, body cast), or hybrid (prefabricated module customized to a specific patient)

2. Intended function: TLSOs may be further differentiated on the basis of intended function:

• Static support and immobilization (e.g. treatment of stable thoracic and lumbar fractures, postoperative bracing after spine fusion)

• Deformity correction (spinal deformities such as idiopathic scoliosis, Scheuermann's kyphosis)

• Postural support (e.g. to relieve axial pain)

3. Degree of soft tissue contact: TLSOs can be distinguished by the degree of contact with skin and soft tissues. Limited contact orthoses (e.g. Jewett, CASH, Knight-Taylor) utilize discrete pads or straps to restrict motion. Full-contact orthoses (TLSO, body cast) distribute orthotic pressure over a wide surface area

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