List common applications of MIS techniques for cervical spine pathology


• Tubular laminoforaminotomy

• Posterior screw-rod fixation (lateral mass screws) and fusion Anterior-Based Approaches

• Endoscopic approaches to the upper cervical spine and craniovertebral junction

• Anterior cervical foraminotomy

Key Points

1. Minimally invasive spine procedures intend to limit approach-related surgical morbidity through use of smaller skin incisions and targeted muscle dissection but do not eliminate the potential for serious and life-threatening complications.

2. Use of minimally invasive spine techniques is widespread but claims that MIS procedures are more effective than traditional spine procedures await validation in the current medical literature.


Society for minimally invasive spine surgery:

Lumbar lateral transpsoas approach:


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Brian W. Su, MD, Adam L. Shimer, MD, and Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, PhD

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