What are the contraindications for performing lumbar TDR

Contraindications to lumbar TDR have been divided into four main groups:

• Painful lumbar spinal pathology unrelated to the intervertebral disc: Pain related to facet joint degeneration, radiculopathy due to disc herniation or spinal stenosis, and poorly defined pain syndromes will not respond favorably to treatment with lumbar TDR

• Conditions that potentially compromise stability of a lumbar disc prosthesis: Examples include osteoporosis, spinal instability (spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, prior laminectomy), and spinal deformities

• Limited or absent segmental motion at the operative level: Severe spondylosis, prior lumbar fusion

• Patient-specific factors: Metal allergy, systemic disease (e.g. diabetes mellitus), malignancy, active infection, morbid obesity, chronic steroid use, females who desire to become pregnant

Studies investigating the prevalence of contraindications in the population of patients presenting to spine surgeons for surgical treatment of lumbar degenerative pathology have demonstrated that only a small percentage of patients are appropriate candidates for lumbar TDR.

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