What are the risk factors for osteoporotic fractures

See Table 65-1.

Table 65-1. Risk Factors for Osteoporotic Fractures


Potentially Modifiable

Risk Factors

Risk Factors

• Patient history of

• Smoking

fracture during

• Low body weight


• Estrogen deficiency (menopause

• History of fracture in

before age 45 years, bilateral ovari-

a first-degree relative

ectomy, prolonged premenopausal

• Caucasian race

amenorrhea >1 year)

• Advanced age

• Low calcium or vitamin D intake

• Female sex

• Alcoholism

• Dementia

• Impaired eyesight despite correction

• Poor health or frailty

• Recurrent falls

• Inadequate physical activity

• Poor health or frailty

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