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A noninvasive halo system attempts to provide immobilization of the cervical spine approaching that of a conventional halo in a less invasive fashion. This orthosis avoids the use of skull pins, which eliminates many of the complications associated with the conventional halo system. It consists of a total contact orthosis made of Kydex. Anterior and posterior bars connect the vest to an attachment, which encompasses the occiput, mandible, and forehead. This orthosis provides immobilization from C1 to T1, with similar intersegmental immobilization of the cervical spine as a halo except at the C1-C2 segment. It provides a less invasive alternative to the halo orthosis or an alternative for posthalo immobilization.

Figure 18-10. Halo pin placement. A, Temporalis muscle. B, Supraorbital nerve. C, Supratrochlear nerve. D, Frontal sinus. E, Equator. (From Garfin SR, Bottle MJ, Waters RL, et al. Complications in the use of the halo fixation device. J Bone Joint Surg 1986;68A:320-25.)

Figure 18-11. Noninvasive halo system. (From Kim DH, Ludwig SC, Vaccaro Ar, et al, editors. Atlas of Spine Trauma. Philadelphia: Saunders; 2008. p. 527.)

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