What is a scoliometer How is it used

In North America, it is common for children in the 10- to 14-year age group to undergo a screening assessment at school for detection of scoliosis. The Adams test (assessment for spinal asymmetry with the patient in the forward-bending position) is typically used to assess for possible scoliosis. The use of an inclinometer (scoliometer) has been popularized to quantitate trunk asymmetry and help decide whether radiographs should be obtained to further evaluate a specific patient. The scoliometer is used to determine the angle of trunk rotation (ATR). The ATR is the angle formed between the horizontal plane and the plane across the posterior aspect of the trunk at the point of maximal deformity when a region of the spine is evaluated with the patient in the forward-bending position. According to its developer, an ATR of 5° is correlated with an 11° curve and an ATR of 7° is correlated with a 20° curve.

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