What is the normal sagittal plane alignment of the cervical thoracic and lumbar spine

Normal thoracic kyphosis is between 20° and 40°. The thoracolumbar junction (T10-L2) has neutral sagittal plane alignment, and any degree of kyphosis in this region is considered abnormal. Normal lumbar lordosis is between 55° and 65°, with most of the curvature occurring between the fourth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum. Cervical lordosis is variable and adjusts to maintain the head over the sacrum in the sagittal plane. Thoracic kyphosis increases with age while lumbar lordosis decreases with aging. In the normal state, a line from the center of the C7 vertebral body passes anterior to the thoracic spine, through the center of the L1 vertebral body, posterior to the lumbar spine, through the lumbosacral disc, and between S2 and the femoral heads.

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