Who wrote the rules for impairment evaluation

Disability is a big business in the United States and other countries. Various institutions pay the costs, such as state governments (workers' compensation), the federal government (e.g. for veterans or longshoremen), insurance companies, and self-insured employers. Many systems that pay for disability have their own rules and regulations, including rules about the performance and rating of the impairment. The most commonly used system is a formal set of rules developed by the American Medical Association, which is constantly updated (The Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment). Another system is the Social Security Administration Disability Program whose rules are explained in The Blue Book. The rules and regulations found in these sources are vastly different. For example, the SSA recognizes only total impairment. The AMA Guides fractionates impairment from 1% to 100%. Highly specific rules are applied to these impairments in each set of guidelines. The impairment evaluator must be thoroughly familiar with the system that he or she is required to use.

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