Skateboarding Rollerskating And Windsurfing

These activities can help athletes maintain or increase body posture, proprioception, core stability and muscle function with low impact, subject to good technique and the avoidance of new injuries from unnecessary falls. These kinds of activities have become very popular for younger people and must be considered as alternative training methods for fit athletes.

The equipment is quite expensive but can be rented. These activities require very good co-ordination and muscle strength and should be prescribed to already fit individuals, for example soccer or rugby players, but cannot be recommended for those with poor balance and co-ordination. For example, for those with shin splints or who are recovering from knee surgery, as an alternative to bicycling and running, roller-skating is very efficient endurance training to develop quadriceps muscle strength. For ice-hockey players, roller-skating is a natural way of exercising during pre-season training. Both skateboarding and wind-surfing are excellent balance exercises for different seasons for injured martial arts athletes and gymnasts. All these sports should preferably be performed in controlled environments, with instructors.

This is advanced core stability, and balance training requires lots of practice!
Cross-training is a great way to regain functional fitness at the end of rehabilitation

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