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Working-out, aerobics and similar activities are excellent, and often essential, rehabilitation methods and useful alternatives during rehabilitation of many injuries. Gym training, with a variety of fixed stations for weight training, has become popular recreational exercise. It is also used for basic pre-season training in almost every sport. There is no better way to learn functional anatomy than to work-out the muscle groups step by step in a gym.

No equipment is better than the skills of the instructor. Working-out with weights is technically difficult and there are lots of pitfalls that need to be considered in close collaboration with a licensed instructor and access to appropriate training equipment. Training should start with an objective function test, so a reasonable measure of progress can be made. Beginners usually start with an individual training programme based on six to ten exercises. After working-out a few times at low resistance and learning the specific movements, the training is documented, including what kind of equipment is used, how many repetitions and sets and how much resistance. Warming up, on a bike or treadmill, is essential before strength training. Depending on any underlying problems, such as osteoporosis or injury, such as a temporary fragile cruciate ligament graft, the programme must be modified over time.

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The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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