Other Important Medical Conditions to Consider in Sports Participation

There are a multitude of medical conditions that may require special consideration during the PPE, depending on the individual's needs and the sport involved. For example, diabetic athletes need to pay special attention to hydration, diet, and insulin therapy. Sickle cell disease patients may be allowed limited participation of noncontact/noncollision sports, but must avoid overheating, dehydration, and chilling.

Active infection is another problem. Fever and diarrhea are indications for postponing an athlete's participation in sports due to the risk of heat illness, dehydration, and orthostatic hypotension, all of which make exercise dangerous.

Certain conditions, including HIV and various skin conditions (i.e., herpes simplex, impetigo, scabies, and molluscum contagiosum), may cause concern for other athletes. Athletes with these skin conditions should avoid sports involving mats and cover all skin lesions. Athletic personnel should always use universal precautions when handling blood or body fluids with visible blood.

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