Dilute the corticosteroid with local anesthetic before the injection. The diluted solution decreases the risk of adverse effects, and the anesthetic-induced disappearance of pain helps to confirm the diagnosis. The literature on the comparative efficacy of different preparations, doses and number of injections is scanty [74,79]. Price et al. [74] concluded in a double-blind study that more rapid relief of symptoms of tennis elbow was achieved with 10 mg triamcinolone than with 25 mg hydrocortisone and there was less need to repeat injections in the former group, and Vogel [79] showed an increase in the tensile strength of tendons after corticosteroid injections, but repetition of injections progressively weakened the tendons, suggesting a relationship between cumulative dose and the adverse effect.

Systemic treatment with corticosteroids is not allowed in sports and no studies in the literature find any beneficial effects of this treatment.

Corticosteroids may also be delivered with phonophoresis or iontophoresis [80,81]. The literature is also unclear concerning the efficacy and potential side-effects when corticosteroids are used in this manner. These are common physical therapy modalities used especially to treat some of the most chronic problems in athletes, such as tendinopathy or bursitis.

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