Haglunds disease

Haglund's disease is similar to Osgood-Schlatter's disease in the knee joint as far as symptoms and origin are concerned. This disease occurs particularly in young people between 12 and 14, and the problem disappears during late puberty. The Achilles tendon attachment is strained where the tendon attaches to the heel bone, probably after running on a hard surface, when the Achilles tendon attachment is subject to repeated tension. Fragmentation of bone then occurs and can be seen on radiographs. There is pain and a painful protuberance in the back of the heel, as well as soreness on palpation. The pain increases particularly before and after physical activity.

It is a clinical diagnosis which can be confirmed by radiographic examination, which shows a fragmentation of the bone.

Treatment is focused on symptoms. Footwear adjustment and a soft insole, such as a heel cup, with a slight heel lift, which reduces symptoms, can be appropriate. In certain cases temporary rest combined with alternative exercise can be necessary. It is completely safe to continue sports activities despite the discomfort. Prognosis is practically always good and the condition is self-healing. A large, protruding lump can be left on the calcaneus, which in isolated cases leads to later problems in connection with exercise and sport.

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