Acute Shoulder Dislocation

The presentation of an anterior glenohumeral dislocation is typically not subtle. A significant force is required to produce a dislocation. The patient presents with an internally rotated arm that is usually splinted by the contralateral hand. Any manipulation causes discomfort. In many cases, the athlete will know that the shoulder is dislocated.

There is a myriad of reduction techniques; however, a gentle reduction of the joint with traction-countertraction or by slow forward elevation and in-line traction is recommended. The reduction is facilitated by either intravenous sedation or intra-articular xylocaine.

The decision to reduce an on-field dislocation without prereduction radiographs can be problematic. A reduction is easier if done soon after the injury. However, an unusual concomitant injury such as greater tuberosity or proximal humeral fracture cannot be ruled out until radiographs are taken. Although it is unlikely that these injuries can result from a reduction attempt, a litigious patient or his lawyer can claim otherwise.

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