Anterior Drawer Test

After an ankle sprain, the anterior drawer test is used to evaluate the integrity of the ATFL and, to a lesser extent, the CFL. It is most useful in cases of suspected chronic ankle instability. Brostrom7 showed that this test's sensitivity was relatively low in the acute setting secondary to guarding. First, have the patient relax the affected extremity with the knee flexed. Then, stabi-

Figure 65-8 Thompson test. Absent or diminished plantarflexion indicates Achilles tendon rupture.
Figure 65-9 Anterior drawer test.

lize the leg with one hand while grasping the heel with the other hand and applying an anterior force to affect anterior talar translation. Perform in both plantarflexion (tests ATFL) and dorsi-flexion (tests CFL). A few millimeters of movement is normal, and variation among different individuals can be significant. Comparison to the contralateral side is thus essential (Fig. 659).

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