Clinical Findings

The incidence of painful entity is likely not increasing; however, increased awareness in athletes has resulted in an increased rate of diagnosis. Symptoms generally include either shocklike sensations or numbness of the medial heel or all (or portions) of the plantar foot. Muscle weakness may also be present. A positive percussion test (Tinel's sign) over the tibial nerve is typically present with exacerbation of paresthetic symptoms. Abnormal foot alignment is reported to represent the most common cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome in athletes.31 Excessive knee and/or hindfoot valgus with foot hyperpronation may create increased nerve tension.

This syndrome must be differentiated from an L5 radiculopathy, which may manifest similar symptoms. Neurodiagnostic studies can assist in differentiating the two entities. Electromyographic muscle sampling about and below the tarsal tunnel must be undertaken. Prolongation of distal motor and sensory latencies across the tarsal tunnel with diminished muscle amplitudes in the distribution of one or both plantar digital nerves confirms the diagnosis. Nerve entrapment may result for the presence of a space-occupying lesion (e.g., lipoma, ganglion, or neurilemoma) within the fibro-osseous tunnel.

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