Compartment Syndrome of the Thigh

Compartment syndrome of the thigh can also be seen on a rare occasion after extensive workouts or contusion to the anterior thigh.6 Symptoms are similar to those in the leg as outlined later in this chapter, which is more commonly seen. A high index of suspicion is needed when pain out of proportion to any injury is reported. Other signs include paresthesias and severe pain with passive motion or stretch of the muscles in the involved compartment. Treatment includes catheter pressure monitoring and fasciotomies as indicated. Compartment pressures7 of more than 30 mm Hg or within 30 of the diastolic blood pressure have both been used as thresholds for considering compartment fascial releases. The thigh has anterior, posterior, and medial compartments. The anterior and posterior compartments can usually be released from a lateral incision. The medial compartment often does not need to be released, and some surgeons will do the lateral incision, release the anterior and posterior compartments, and then check the medial compartment by palpation to see if it is soft.

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