The correct diagnosis of hindfoot pain and dysfunction in athletes can be challenging. In-depth knowledge of topographic anatomy, function, and foot biomechanics assists in the formulation of an appropriate differential diagnosis. The physical examination is aided by the foot's thin soft-tissue cover, permitting direct palpation of most painful structures. A rigorous history and physical examination should help pinpoint the appropriate diagnosis.

Injury types are commonly associated with specific sports or sport positions. Overuse syndromes, such as navicular fractures and posterior tibial tendonitis, are most commonly seen in longdistance runners. Midfoot ligamentous injuries are not uncommon in football players, especially linemen. Finally, posterior ankle injuries occur most commonly in dancers.

Imaging studies are used to confirm the physical examination so that appropriate and timely treatment can be implemented. Although complete recovery is not always possible, a prompt, accurate diagnosis with appropriate management facilitates timely return to sport.

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