Direct Muscle Injury

The aforementioned disorders share an indirect mechanism of injury, primarily eccentric loading. The final portion of this chapter deals with direct muscle injuries, which primarily present as lacerations and contusions. It is beyond the scope of this chapter to discuss lacerations, and readers are referred to general trauma texts. In cases of closed transactions of the biceps brachii muscle, surgical repair has been described with good results.32 This injury is uncommon and affects the unique population of static line parachute jumpers such as those found in airborne infantry units. While this particular injury may be unique to a military setting, the poor outcomes seen in those managed nonoperatively stimulated the interest in developing a surgical technique to improve function, and this, in turn, has stimulated further interest in basic science research of surgical muscle repair.33,34 Research efforts such as this can be expanded on and their findings applied to the treatment of muscle disruptions. Contusions resulting from sports participation are extremely common and deserve specific attention in a sports text.

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