Dislocation or Subluxation

Acute Conservative measures for treating acute peroneal dislocation include a below-knee cast in slight plantarflexion and inversion. Non-weight bearing in the cast is generally maintained for 6 weeks; some authors advocate advancing weight bearing in the cast.

After discontinuation of the cast, range-of-motion exercises are initiated. A good result after nonoperative treatment of acute peroneal dislocation occurs in 50% to 57% of patients. Eventually, 44% of patients require surgery after nonoperative measures fail.

Chronic There is little benefit of conservative treatment for symptomatic chronic peroneal tendon dislocation. Sammarco16

states that conservative treatment does help reduce inflammation or pain, but chronic peroneal tendon dislocation frequently recurs after immobilization is discontinued. Observation is acceptable if subluxating or dislocating peroneal tendons are found incidentally, with an absence of symptoms and no athletic compromise.

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