Dr Jack Hughston

The recent passing of Dr. Jack Hughston has been difficult for many of us who believe that he was the consummate team physician. Dr. Hughston, a brilliant man with many attributes that placed him way ahead of his time, is often considered to be the "father of sports medicine."4 He started the Hughston Clinic, P.C., in Columbus, GA, more than 50 years ago as a site not only for elite athletes but also for the "young boy or girl playing school or neighborhood sports, the weekend golf or tennis player, and the employee in the work place or industrial setting."5 Dr. Hughston received his undergraduate education at Auburn University and did his orthopaedic residency at Duke University. Dr. Hughston was active in the care of recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. He seldom missed a game of his beloved Auburn Tigers (Fig. 1-1). He emphasized the truly multidisciplinary team approach among health care professionals including physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and administrators and insisted that each work toward the common goal of serving the athlete.5

Dr. Hughston was also an innovator in the field of education and started one of the first sports medicine fellowship programs in 1970 to train orthopedic residents in the subtleties of sports

Figure 1-1 Dr. Jack Hughston as many of us remember him—in his role as a dedicated team physician for the Auburn Tigers.

medicine, preparing them for service at the highest level. He was a founding member of the AOSSM in the early 1970s and also served a term as society president. He founded the American Journal of Sports Medicine, which he edited until 1990. Many of us consider the American Journal of Sports Medicine to be his most important contribution, because the Journal serves today as the most important vehicle for disseminating new information in the field. For his many accomplishments, he was named Mr. Sports Medicine by the AOSSM and inducted into its Hall of Fame. He has also received the distinguished Southern Orthopaedist Award and many other honors too numerous to mention (see Fig. 1-1).

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