Dr James Andrews

Dr. Andrews is perhaps the best known of all the sports medicine team physicians in our era. Dr. Andrews graduated from Louisiana State University in 1963 where he was a southeastern conference indoor and outdoor pole vault champion. He did his orthopedic residency at Tulane Medical School and had sports medicine fellowships at the University of Virginia and at the University of Lyon, France. He joined the staff at the Hugh-ston Clinic where he served for many years prior to starting the

Figure 1-3 Dr. James Andrews is perhaps best known for his care of professional athletes in many sports. He also has a love for participation in collegiate and high school sports as well. Here he is seen attending to a local high school athlete in Birmingham.

Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham in 1986. He has been involved in the care of athletes at all levels from high schools in the Birmingham area (Fig. 1-3) and management of Division I-AA programs such as Troy State, to Auburn, AL, and many of the professional teams, including the Washington Redskins.

Dr. Andrews has also been a tremendous gentleman in terms of helping young physicians to become successful in their practice. He developed one of the top fellowship programs in the world, and many of his fellows have become high-level team physicians, many with careers in academic sports medicine. He has also been a true favorite among the agents caring for the athletes due to his tremendous technical skills and capability in managing the sociopolitical aspects and his considerable attention to detail. In spite of his schedule, which is tremendously busy, he has also maintained a role as an excellent communicator and facilitator of information in consultation with other physicians in the care of their athletes.

Dr. Andrews's specific contributions are many, and he has been a leader in both the AOSSM and the Arthroscopy Association of North America, having served on the board of directors of both societies. He is known for his marked technical proficiency and has built one of the most impressive surgical setups in the world at the American Sports Medicine Institute. He is also known for his colorful aphorisms and his insistence that the team physician be careful to avoid being the one to make the "big statement." He is referring to the tendency for some of us to state that the athlete will "never play again" or that he will be ready to play by a "certain date" or other ways in which we box ourselves in with statements that may come back to haunt us and perhaps to have a negative impact on the athlete's situation. His wisdom and mentorship are evidenced by the fact that his fellowship has trained the largest number of fellows of any of the major programs over the past decade (see Fig. 1-3).

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