• Athletes often take medications for treatment of medical conditions, requiring the physician to have an understanding of side effects and impacts on sports performance.

• Dietary supplements are popular among athletes of all ages. Physicians should inquire as to supplement use in order to provide counseling regarding risks and benefits.

• Anabolic steroids are used by 4% to 12% of high school students. These ergogenic drugs are known to affect multiple organ systems.

• Inappropriate use of medications, supplements, and other drugs has become increasingly common, placing both fair competition and the health of athletes in jeopardy.

The ability to manage sports-related injuries, through both surgical and nonsurgical interventions, has blossomed due to the efforts of the growing field of sports medicine practitioners. While our efforts and interests often focus on musculoskeletal conditions, athletes also require treatment for other medical conditions; these conditions may affect their sports performance as significantly as injury. Athletes turn to sports medicine professionals to maximize their ability to compete, and the pressures that athletes face may drive them to search for other means of performance enhancement. Unfortunately, these other means may include inappropriate and illegal use of various substances.

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