Ligament Injuries Of The Carpometacarpal Joint

The index and middle finger CMC joints are stable as a result of the articular relationships with the trapezoid and capitate, respectively. The stability affords minimal motion at the index and middle finger CMC joint. The ring and small finger CMC joints are more mobile, allowing 10 to 15 degrees of motion. Acute ligament injuries of the CMC joint are most commonly associated with subluxation or dislocation of the joint. The injuries are often high energy and associated with avulsion fractures of the base of the metacarpal and adjacent carpal bones. Athletes present with significant dorsal swelling and pain along the base of the metacarpal joints. Initially, minimal deformity may be present and the injury could go undiagnosed. The majority of subluxations or dislocations are dorsal. Injuries recognized acutely are easily reducible but unstable. These injuries are best managed with closed reduction and percutaneous pinning. The pins are maintained for 6 to 8 weeks postoperatively. Once the pins are removed, a gradual return to activities is permitted.

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