Mild Concussion

The mild concussion, which is the most frequently occurring (approximately 85%), is the most difficult head injury to recognize and diagnose.15-17 The force of impact causes a transient aberration in the electrophysiology of the brain substance, creating an alteration in mental status. Although mild concussion involves no LOC, the athlete may experience impaired cognitive function, especially in remembering recent events (post-traumatic amnesia) and in assimilating and interpreting new information.6,17-19 Dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may also occur, but there is rarely a gross loss of coordination that can be detected with a Romberg test. The clinician should never underestimate the presence of a headache, which presents to some degree with nearly all concussions.15 The intensity and duration of the headache can be an indication of whether the injury is improving or worsening with time.

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