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Compression fractures, spinous process fractures (clay-shoveler's), and lamina fractures can occur during athletic participation. Hyperflexion can lead to both compression or spinous process fractures, and axial loading is associated with lamina fracture.48,49 Cervical immobilization should be maintained throughout the evaluation. Plain radiographs and computed tomography scanning should be performed and scrutinized for evidence of instability or associated ligamentous injuries. Nondisplaced compression and lamina and spinous process fractures can be successfully treated with cervical collar immobilization for 6 weeks followed by flexion and extension views.45,50 If no instability is present, the athlete should begin rehabilita

Figure 15-5 Axial magnetic resonance image of the cervical spine demonstrating hypertrophy of the uncovertebral joints causing narrowing of the neuroforamen and radiculopathy.

tion. Once asymptomatic and painless range of motion and protective strength have been restored, the athlete should be able to return to competition. Healed, nondisplaced compression fractures and lamina and spinous process fractures should not be a contraindication to return to play.44 Fractures with mild height loss, mild malalignment, and facet fractures are relative contraindications. Absolute contraindications include sagittal malalignment, canal encroachment from healed fractures, radiographic instability, and upper cervical spine fractures.44

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