Navicular Stress Fractures Anatomic Features

The C-shaped navicular bone is nestled between the talar head and the three cuneiforms. The bone is subject to repetitive, high-level stresses of the medial column of the foot. Navicular stress reactions/fractures are located within the central one third

Figure 70-9 An anteroposterior radiograph demonstrating the surgical repair of an isolated Lisfranc injury. The clamp has reduced the first-second metatarsal gap. The depth gauge measures the length of an appropriate screw prior to insertion.

of the bone, an area of stress concentration.22-24 Abnormal foot morphology, such as a cavus and/or forefoot adductus, may concentrate additional forces to this region. Using a microangio-graphic technique to study bone perfusion, Torg et al22 detailed a relative watershed area in the central portion of the navicular. Due to vast articular surfaces on the proximal and distal surfaces, vascular channels are restricted to the navicular's medial and lateral surfaces. Osseous perfusion is provided via the posterior tibial and the dorsal pedis arteries, respectively. The path-omechanical basis of this injury is the cumulative stresses applied to a region of decreased vascularity.

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