Other Injuries

Open dislocations may occur in as many as 30% of high-energy dislocations. The highest incidence is in dislocations that are in the sagittal plane. Cole and Harner11 reported injuries to the patellar tendon or biceps in 20% of these patients (Fig. 56-3). Associated fractures of the distal femur and tibial plateau may occur in up to 30% of high-energy dislocations.11 Patients who sustain high-energy dislocations also often have multiorgan system trauma requiring specialized evaluation and treatment. Recognition and treatment of associated injuries may take precedence and have implications upon definitive treatment of liga-mentous injuries.

Figure 56-3 Sagittal magnetic resonance images of high-energy multiligament knee injury. A, Disruption of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. B, Partial quadriceps rupture and open anterior wound.

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