In addressing paratendonitis surgically, some authors advocate a J-shaped incision, starting medial to lateral distal to the Achilles tendon insertion, to turn back the skin for exposure. Others recommend the two-incision (medial and lateral) technique, keeping the skin bridge at least 4 cm wide. We recommend a medial incision. Dissection is carried down to the paratenon, which is freed from the superficial skin and subcutaneous tissue. The paratenon is usually hyperemic, fibrotic, and adherent to the underlying tendon. The affected paratenon is resected, but care is taken not to excise the anterior portion, where the critical blood supply enters the tendon. Complete excision of the paratenon could lead to severe postoperative fibrosis and is not recommended.

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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