The essential elements of the operative team include the surgeon, the scrub nurse, the circulator, the first assistant, and the anesthesiologist.2 Each must be in tune with the operative procedure to minimize surgeon anxiety and optimize the surgical results. Both the circulator and the scrub nurse must be familiar not only with the equipment, but also with the steps of the given procedure to ensure that the surgeon receives the appropriate equipment in a timely fashion. The first assistant must be capable, at a minimum, of holding the arthroscopic camera appropriately during knot tying and retrieving suture during suture passage. In addition, simple maneuvers such as providing counterpressure for instrument passage or holding a cannula steady as an instrument is passed in or out of the joint can greatly facilitate the procedure.

The anesthesiologist plays the essential role of maintaining a systolic blood pressure as close to 90 to 100mmHg as possible

Figure 17-1 A, Posterior view of Schloein positioner. B, Anterior view. C, McConnell arm holder.

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