Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Rehabilitation

The special features of surgical technique make the use of the surgeon's protocol most important in these patients. The therapist and physician must be able to present the same picture to the patient to maximize outcomes. As a general rule, things are progressed more slowly than in ACL patients as the PCL grafts may have greater inherent risks of stretching or loosening, resulting in instability. The following are general guidelines for PCL reconstruction:

1. Know the surgeon and the procedure: same ideas

2. Get motion early; do not keep them in strict immobilization

3. Protected weight bearing (bilateral crutches)

4. Protected ROM, 0 to 90 degrees in first 4 to 6 weeks

5. Progression after 6 weeks in the moderate protection phase

6. Long term: avoid large loads in closed-chain exercises (e.g., leg presses, squats); always monitor for the development of arthritic change; thus, be careful with biking activities.

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