Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Anatomy

The posterior tibial tendon courses from its origin on the posterior tibial muscle, about the medial malleolus, to its insertion on the navicular and the first, second, and third metatarsal bases. It supports the longitudinal arch and serves as an ankle plantar flexor and hindfoot invertor. The tendon is the primary regulator of the talonavicular joint.

Maffulli et al recommend that the tendon injury be conceptualized on an anatomic basis.33 Tendon pathology, therefore, has been stratified into subclasses dependent on the extent of tissue involvement (Table 70-2). In young athletes, paraten-donopathy is a preferable descriptive term to tendonitis, when an inflammatory condition of the tendon sheath results due to overuse.

Abnormal foot type and arch height commonly produce increased tension within the posterior tibial tendon. For example, a hyperpronated foot with a contracted Achilles tendon will increase tensile stress within the posterior tibial tendon, resulting in a higher likelihood of structural failure over time.

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