Principles Of The History

Regardless of how one approaches the history, it is crucial that this approach is organized and systematic so that the clinician is thorough yet efficient. The general categories of chief complaint, history of present illness, medical history, and review of systems (followed by the physical examination) remain the backbone of the clinical evaluation. We organize this evaluation according to the chief complaint for several reasons:

1. It is the impetus behind the athlete's request for help, so organization by chief complaint keeps the interview patient directed.

2. Organization by chief complaint keeps the clinician focused and efficient.

3. Knowing the age and the chief complaint provides a high index of suspicion for the diagnostic probabilities.1,3,5,6 Such an understanding provides an immediate differential diagnosis that can be tested throughout the history and physical examination to arrive at the correct diagnosis. It allows each step in the examination to help confirm or refute the diagnosis, providing dynamic confirmation when the initial diagnosis is right and a series of red flags throughout the examination when the initial diagnosis is erroneous.

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