Relevant Anatomy And Pathophysiology

Schenk et al1 noted "the anatomic lesion found in MDI is a large, patulous inferior capsular pouch" that is often associated with a deficient rotator interval. These two pathologic findings contribute to an overall increase in capsular volume and gleno-humeral laxity. The voluminous capsule and rotator interval lesion act to disrupt the complex components that serve to stabilize the glenohumeral joint.

In MDI, all components that contribute to stability are affected at some level. Glenohumeral stability is established by the static stabilizers (bony architecture, labral support, and ligamentous structures) and by dynamic muscular control. Static stabilizers such as the inferior labrum and the inferior and superior capsular structures resist inferior translation of the humeral head. The inferior labrum is an important extension of the glenoid, providing depth and a buttress to humeral head trans-lation.12 The superior capsular elements, including the superior

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