Relevant Anatomy

A thorough understanding of the complex anatomy surrounding the knee is essential to accurate diagnosis and appropriate decision making during treatment of the multiligament-injured knee. The anatomy of the major stabilizing ligaments of the knee (anterior cruciate ligament [ACL], posterior cruciate ligament [PCL], medial cruciate ligament [MCL], lateral collateral ligament) as well as secondary stabilizers (posterolateral corner, pos teromedial capsule, menisci, and musculotendinous units) have been well studied and are thoroughly reviewed in other chapters.5

In addition to knowledge of major stabilizing ligaments, it is important to be familiar with the relevant neurovascular anatomy. The popliteal artery is the continuation of the superficial femoral artery as it passes through the tendinous hiatus of the adductor magnus. The popliteal artery is tethered proximally at the adductor hiatus and distally as it passes under the soleus arch making it susceptible to traction injuries in these areas. The skin surrounding the knee receives a rich blood supply from the superior, middle, and inferior geniculate branches of the popliteal artery. However, this anastomotic ring provides inadequate collateral circulation for lower limb perfusion in the event of disruption of popliteal flow. The sciatic nerve divides proximal to the popliteal space into posterior tibial and common peroneal divisions. The common peroneal nerve courses inferolaterally deep to the biceps femoris and passes around the fibular neck causing it to be more susceptible to injury.

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