Responsibilities Of The Team Physician

Box l-l Preparticipation Clearance

• Requires coordination of various subspecialists

• Sophistication may vary with level of participation

• Consensus document of various societies outlines requirements a true "labor of love" as there is seldom any opportunity to financially benefit from this activity. There is clearly a large distinction between the physicians who are willing to make the sacrifices to become an integral part of the athletic environment and those who simply manage an office practice with a very limited on-site role for the athlete. This distinction, while obvious, has important ramifications for the quality of care that we deliver to the athlete. There is no question that a physician who is familiar with the athlete and his or her environment and who takes the time to get to know the players, managers, trainers, and administrators involved in the milieu that makes up the athlete's world, will be a much more effective physician when called on to manage injury and illness. The physicians highlighted in the next section have all demonstrated an excellent understanding of this concept. There is no way that the labor of love that is required to be effective in this role can ever be justified on a financial basis. Few physicians even at the professional level are financially rewarded for their role.

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