Results and Outcomes

In the series of 117 quadriceps contusions treated in West Point cadets, all returned to full activity to include performing as well or better on their Army Physical Fitness Test (2-mile run, 2 minutes of sit-ups, 2 minutes of push-ups) and Indoor Obstacle Course Test. For the 71 mild contusions, average disability time was 13 days. For the 38 moderate contusions, the average disability time was 19 days, and for the eight severe contusions, it was 21 days. The disability time was defined as the amount of time a cadet was unable to participate fully in the cadet activity schedule due to injury. The disability times for the moderate and severe contusions seen in this later study are much shorter than those noted in the first series (56 and 72 days, respectively). This has been attributed to the change in the initial position of immobilization from unstretched (knee extended) to stretched (knee flexed). Subjectively, two cadets had subjective weakness, two complained of endurance issues, and one complained of numbness in the area of the contusion after 5 miles of jogging.

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