Results Of Surgical Treatment

Historically, the outcomes for surgical management have been difficult to characterize due to the wide spectrum of pathology inherent to MDI. Patients with underlying collagen disorders and high-grade laxity are among the most difficult to treat, and the results in this patient population have been variable.

However, patients with more subtle forms of MDI have been successfully managed with open and arthroscopic techniques. In the original description of Neer and Foster2 of the open capsular shift, 32 shoulders were followed for a minimum of 1 year. Only one patient developed recurrent instability, but 23 of these patients were followed for less than 2 years. Altchek et al7 described a T-plasty modification of the Bankart procedure for the management of MDI.1 Of 42 shoulders in 40 patients, only four shoulders had recurrence of instability postoperatively. More recently, Treacey et al.26 and McIntyre et al27 have described arthroscopic techniques for the management of MDI. They noted low recurrence rates and high patient satisfaction, comparable with the results for open reconstruction.

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