Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

The hallmark of retrocalcaneal bursitis is pain anterior to the Achilles tendon, just superior to its insertion. The bursa becomes hypertrophied, inflamed, and adherent to the tendon. The pain is aggravated with dorsiflexion of the ankle. A positive two-finger squeeze test results in pain with medial and lateral pressure applied anterior and superior to the insertion of the Achilles

Figure 69-3 A positive physical examination sign for paratendonitis is described as the "painful arc sign." This occurs when the area of pain remains constant with ankle range of motion.
Figure 69-4 The area of pain moves with ankle range of motion if tendonitis exists.

tendon. This must be distinguished from inflammation of the subcutaneous tendo-Achilles bursa, which lies between the posterior aspect of the tendon and the skin and is usually the result of a harsh heel counter or high heels. If retrocalcaneal bursitis is present bilaterally, then the possibility of systemic disease must be considered.

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